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Need Help?
We've got IT covered!
Need Help?
We've got IT covered!

Very Reliable

Grainger Russell has built a special need computer for my poor eyesight, and repaired the laptops that my grandson seems to abuse at school. He is reliable, helpful, and offers options that are sensible and cost effective. He is someone that I have depended on and is always my choice for computer issues. He has also been such a helpful resource when I need something and don't know the technical terms. Thank You, Reliable Computer Solutions. Sue Lyn W.

Great Service!

I am very happy with my recent experience with RCS (Reliable Computer Solutions). Mr. Russell was prompt and courteous and set up my computer system quickly. He carefully tested every aspect to make sure that all components were working properly. Best of all, he answered my questions on a level (non-techie) that I could understand. I also recommended him to my neighbor, who later told me she was very satisfied with his services! Suzanne C.

Great Service and Easy to Work With

Reliable Computer Solutions is a great local computer repair business that gets the job done fast and efficiently. Granger provides professional service at an affordable price. If we need computer repair or a network set up, he is definitely at the top of our list. Melinda C.

This Company Really Delivers

Granger Russell, the owner of Reliable Computer Solutions, has serviced our computers for about two years. We happily tell you that this is the guy to call for your home and business computer needs. He is quick, thoughtful and efficient and has always given us superior service. In addition, his ethical and reliable service leaves you satisfied that you got what you paid for and more. We highly recommend him. B. Howell



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